Fries Heaven – Amsterdam Chips Company

Fries Heaven – Amsterdam Chips Company
28 October 2016

Are you a Fries Lover? Last week I made an awesome discovery – a shop that sells nothing but fries! Sounds like heaven to you? Well, it is.


It is situated on Nevsky Prospekt and I passed by many times before I actually visited it. I was always in a hurry and I thought “Okay, but next time when I pass by, I will go in!” And finally, I went there last week and tried their fries.

When I went in, my first thought was that this snack bar is part of a franchising system, so that there are many stores in Russia. It looks so perfect and sophisticated. But after I looked it up on the Internet, I found out that this shop is the only one in Russia!

I very like the kind of interior design. The store is not very big, but there is enough space to have a fast snack and to enjoy your fries. I also noticed the nice details of their interior. They have special tables with holes around the side, where you can put your pack of fries in it!


There is a large chip pan, which is placed behind the cash desk, so you can watch the cook while he prepares your fresh fries. You get your fries in a bag and there are about 4 sizes. In addition, Amsterdam Chips Company offers a huge and delicious variety of sauces! You can choose between familiar sauces like Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Garlic or Barbecue, just to mention a few. But they also have special ones like Bavarian, Roasted Onion, American or Nuts.

Amsterdam Chips Company is perfect for people, who are looking for a fast snack and of course for people who love fries. I would recommend this snack bar, especially for fries lovers!


This blog was brought to you by Jessica Pillinger, student and intern at Liden & Denz

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