Goodbye Liden and Denz!

Goodbye Liden and Denz!
07 June 2021

After 13 weeks studying and interning at Liden and Denz, the time has come to say goodbye. I am so grateful to have received such outstanding teaching and to have worked as an editorial assistant for Liden and Denz.

Whilst my time here hasn’t been quite what I expected, the school’s online teaching has been second to none. The small class sizes and marvellous teachers have meant that I have been able to fully immerse myself in practicing Russian, despite being almost 2,000 miles away from St Petersburg! 

Working as an editorial assistant for the school has been the cherry on top of the cake. Writing regular blog posts has provided the perfect excuse to delve into aspects of Russian history and culture that I already had an interest in, and to research plenty of new weird and wonderful topics! It has been lovely to get to know the other students and interns (albeit virtually) and to compose some posts for the school’s social media pages.

Particular thanks go to my teachers- Lilian and Anastasia- and to Sasha, my internship supervisor, who has been extremely supportive. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Liden and Denz’s online lessons to anyone looking to improve their Russia or learn the language from scratch, and I sincerely hope that I will be able to make it to the St Petersburg school in the future. 

До свидания!

Posted by Amy Wyatt

Привет! Меня зовут Amy. I study Russian and History at Durham University, and am currently interning and studying with Liden and Denz St Petersburg. I am particularly interested in Soviet and post-Soviet history, Russian literature, and current affairs.

One response to “Goodbye Liden and Denz!”

  1. Engetschwiler André says:

    Good to Know. Had this school planned for 4/28/2020 but Corona arrived an I wanted to live a real immersion in Russian life. andre Switzerland

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