Four weeks have gone by – goodbye to Aletta

Four weeks have gone by – goodbye to Aletta
15 February 2019

How fast time goes by… Feels like just yesterday that I arrived in Moscow, and now it is already time to say goodbye to the amazing Russian capital. Four weeks have gone by, and it is unbelievable that I have to return to my home country so fast. To tell the truth, I have mixed feelings about this. I am really happy to go back to Hungary and see my family after a month, but in the same time, it will be hard to say goodbye to Liden & Denz, my wonderful classmates and teachers.

It was my second time in Russia, but the first in Moscow. This time I spent four weeks here as an intern at Liden & Denz, and it was one of the best experiences in my life. I applied for this position because I wanted to gain first-hand study and work experience abroad, and I must say that it was just as I expected. I don’t mean that it was easy, because attending Russian lessons in the morning and working as a Blogger/Social Media Assistant in the afternoon made me tired every day, but I didn’t regret it at all. I really enjoyed my work, since I had the opportunity to publish articles about my personal experiences and encourage people to study Russian in Moscow and discover the city at the same time. I also had to take and publish photos of Moscow’s sights and interesting places, which was a really cool and creative work. It was a great experience, since I could try myself in a new work field. I have learnt how to be more creative, self-confident, and it always made me feel happy when I saw my photos and articles on the social media channels of the school.

I would like to thank Liden & Denz for the unforgettable experience, since it was a special combination of study and work opening a new window on the world. The school is really professional, and everything is very well organized. The Russian lessons are interactive, and our teacher Anastasya is just perfect. She always put a great emphasis on explaining grammar very accurately and strives to broaden our vocabulary. She is very patient, and whatever we have asked about Russian language or culture, she has explained us everything. This way we have had the opportunity to get a deep insight into Russian people’s everyday life, habits and attitudes. I am happy because I think my Russian knowledge has improved a lot after these four weeks, and I feel much more confident when I have to speak with Russian people. I know that I still have a lot to learn, but this one month in Moscow helped me get closer to my goal. In addition, I had the chance to make friends with great people from the most different parts of the world that contributed in making my time in Moscow unforgettable. The staff and the teachers were very kind, and they were always ready to help everyone. Liza, the internship supervisor was also really kind and helpful, and I could always turn to her for advice or help according to my work.

The Russian lessons in the morning and the internship in the afternoon took the most of my time, but at the weekends I always had the opportunity to stroll around the city and discover the treasures of this wonderful capital. I really enjoyed walking in the famous Red Square in the city centre and admiring the amazing architecture of the Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin. This is something you can’t get enough of, especially in winter when the city is cowered with snow and you feel like in a winter wonderland. There are still many places in the city I haven’t had time to see, but it makes me feel more motivated to further improve my language skills and come back again.

After returning to Hungary, I will continue my studies at the university, since my dream is to become a specialised translator and interpreter in Russian and English. I am going to miss Moscow, its amazing buildings, sights, the Red Square, food and even the chilly mornings. I am sure that it hasn’t been my last time in the Russian capital. It is time to say goodbye for now, but I can’t wait to come back again!

Пока пока Москва, ещё увидимся!

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