Hello from St. Petersburg!

Hello from St. Petersburg!
07 October 2019

Всем привет!

My name is Eda and I am from Turkey, Istanbul. I will be studying and interning as Social Media assistant at Liden&Denz in St. Petersburg for the next three months and I will share my experiences with you.  I want to tell you shortly about myself.

I am 24 years old and I live in Istanbul. I graduated from Beykent University, Department Russian Translation and Interpretation in 2019. I also have an associate degree in Public Relations and Publicity from Anadolu University and currently I am studying another associate degree in Civil Aviation Management from Istanbul University.

When I first met with Russian Language in the early years of the university, it was very difficult for me. After my first grammar class, I thought I couldn’t finish this university, but.. I did it! (I am still afraid of grammar…)  After traveling to Saint Petersburg and Moscow in 2017, I became more interested in Russian language and Russian culture. St. Petersburg was my favorite city than the first day. And I said to myself; One day I will come here again!  I’m here again after 2 years. In St. Petersburg. The city of my dreams.

If we look back; I have been to Germany in 2009 as an Exchange Student. Afterwards, in the summer of 2016, I have been to United States for 4 months, with the “Work & Travel” program. That experience helped me a lot to develop myself with my language skills in English. I love traveling and exploring.  In Turkey I am an editor for several blog pages and I have my own blog, Flamingone, which I am managing. By the way, this is my first English blog post! I’m already very excited about my next blogs and social media post. I can’t wait to tell you about every part of this beautiful city, our beautiful school Liden & Denz and my adventures in Russian language.

If you ask: ‘’Alright Eda! You’re a graduated from Russian Translation and Interpretation , but what’s your Russian language level? Can you speak Russian well?’’ When I got bachelor’s degree in Russian, I mostly have gotten lessons and lectures of grammar. I was not given any chance to practice my speaking skills in Russian. I would very much like to advance my speaking skills in Russian. I’m sure I’ll improve myself on language for 3 months at Liden & Denz. I’m so lucky to have internship at such a beautiful language school.

I hope all my experiences and posts will inspire those who want to learn Russian and look deeper into Russian culture.

Никогда не сдавайся, Следуй за своей мечтой!

До скорого!


Posted by Eda Derman

My name is Eda and I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I am interning at Liden&Denz in St. Petersburg!

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