Hermitage – a historical adventure

Hermitage – a historical adventure
21 September 2016

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Everyone who plans a trip to Saint Petersburg, will definitely also visit Hermitage. It counts to one of the most famous and biggest art museum in the world and it is a main part of the most important sights of Saint Petersburg. Hermitage is a former residence of Russian emperors, who wanted to surround themselves with the spirit of art, to escape from their political daily routine.

Of course, the viewing of Hermitage also stood on the top of my to-do list. Therefore, my Russian friend and I decided to visit the gorgeous building. It was a rainy Sunday, so we already thought that we will not be the only ones with this idea. We could already see the queue of people on the way there. Still, this fact did not reduce our anticipation and we put up with the rush.

Already at the entrance of the museum we noticed, that it offers an impressive high amount of exhibits and collections. Hermitage owns a property of almost three millions of objects, among others archaeological finds as well as collections of classic European art. The exhibited paintings include works by Dutch and French artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Matisse and Paul Gauguin. In Hermitage, you also find two paintings of the Italian universal genius Leonardo da Vinci. But because of the total of 350 rooms, we unfortunately did not catch a sight.

The furnishing and design of the museum is very pompous and nobel, every entry of a new room is a further historical experience. I felt sometimes a little bit like a princess, especially due to the golden and royal staircases.

Additionally to the breathtaking art, you have a wonderful view to its gorgeous forecourt when you are inside the museum. You can also watch the beautiful Newa, which is located towards the Hermitage. To put it in a nutshell: the visit of Hermitage is definitely a duty! It is a beautiful and recommendable program for an afternoon. Furthermore, there is a free entry for students!

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