Hello from Valentina, a new Italian intern in Moscow!

Hello from Valentina, a new Italian intern in Moscow!
17 September 2018

Hello everybody,

My name is Valentina, I’m 24 and I come from Milan, in Italy, but I am currently based in Moscow, ready to start my experience as an intern at Liden & Denz. My biggest passions are travelling and learning languages, so I chose to study foreign languages at the university and now I’m specializing in international management, while studying English and Russian too. I have been studying Russian for four years at the university, but before that I could already speak English, French and Spanish, so why did I choose to start studying this new and tough language? I knew almost nothing about Russian culture, history and literature when I made this choice, I just thought that it would be interesting to learn such an “unconventional” language, so I embarked in this new adventure. And now I’m here in Moscow, ready to start my second experience at Liden & Denz.

This is my third time in Russia: last year I spent three weeks in St. Petersburg and that was the very first time I found myself in a situation in which I had to speak Russian with Russian people in real life situations. I was literally terrified and when I arrived I felt I forgot everything I had learned! At first it was quite a shock, but thanks to Liden & Denz and my host family my stay in St. Petersburg was great. There, I found things I would never expect to find in Russia: exceptionally tasty food, good wine, cosy cafes, cheap restaurants (yes, I love food), and many helpful and nice people. Moreover, living in a host family helped me get familiar with the city and I think this is the best way to learn about Russian culture.

Earlier this year, I visited Moscow as a tourist and experienced Russian winter. I fell in love with the city at first sight, despite the temperature of -15°, so I felt I had to come back. For my second experience at Liden & Denz I decided to try something new. First of all I changed city, I’m in Moscow now and I’m staying here for five weeks. Moreover, I chose to stay in a shared flat with other international students and I applied for this internship.

Since I have already visited many museums and cathedrals here in Moscow, my plans for this second trip in the city include enjoying the warmer weather and wandering, seeing the surroundings and discovering new spots, without caring too much where I am going, because I’ve learned that in Russian cities you can find beauty round every corner.

I would really recommend students to come to Russia and not to be afraid of meeting people from a different culture. To get ready for my trip I brought with me my enthusiasm and I just left at home my fears to speak a foreign language and to live in a different country. I hope I will be able to give you good advice about living in Moscow and being a student abroad, so I welcome you to follow my posts in the next few weeks.


Пока пока

Posted by Valentina Ferlenga

привет! I'm Valentina, an Italian student from Milan. I study foreign languages and international management at the university. I love travelling and learning about new cultures, especially by trying local dishes and restaurants. I can't wait to let you know why I fell in love with Russia.

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