Do You Know Who Killed Stalin?

Do You Know Who Killed Stalin?
29 December 2015

Who Killed Stalin?

Maybe you have heard about conspiracy theories around the world and especially during wars like the Cold War, First and Second World War, etc. We can say even until these  days the government keeps having its dirty little secrets. I found a very interesting article about Stalin’s closest confident, that will caught your attention.

On December 16 1952, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin found out of a conspiracy against him by his most loyal of his guards, General Nikolay Vlasik, who was arrested for high treason. For many years, Vlasik was Stalin’s personal bodyguard who was assigned to the leader in 1927; he became a member of Stalin’s family and one of the closest people to the leader, possessing immense power behind the scenes. After the death of Stalin’s wife, Nadezhda Alliluyeva, he became the tutor for Stalin’s children and was in charge of raising them.

Vlasik was truly loyal to Stalin; he remained as his closest confidant until he was removed from his position on that day in 1952. After his arrest, Vlasik was mercilessly beaten and tortured. His desperate letters to Stalin protesting his innocence remained unanswered. He was accused of abusing his authority, embezzling large sums of state money and valuables. He was convicted, deprived of his general rank and banished for ten years to Krasnoyarsk.

After Stalin’s dead it was suggested that he was poisoned in a plan masterminded by the leader of Internal Affairs, Lavrenty Beria.

It has been said that Beria had been laying the groundwork for sometime in order to liquidate Stalin by getting rid of Vlasik and all those in Stalin’s personal guard who were particularly devoted to him. It is believed that Vlasik was arrested on the basis of false charges fabricated by Beria and member of the Politburo (Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) Georgy Melnikov.

Vlasik’s daughter Nadezhda had said in 2003 interview that her father was in the way of Beria getting to Stalin, because he would have never let him die, he would never have waited days behind the door, like those guards on March 1, 1953, waiting for Stalin to wake up.

In 1956, Vlasik was pardoned and wrote his autobiography were he stated that he felt offended by Stalin, after 25 years of doing an excellent job with promotions and awards, he was excluded from the party and thrown into prison, but he never had harm against Stalin while in prison.

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