Rigan Meteorology: Weather You Like It or Not

Rigan Meteorology: Weather You Like It or Not
08 August 2016

Rigan Meteorology: Weather You Like It or Not

Something I’ve come to appreciate here is how no matter what the Rigan sky looks like on any given day, a series of meteorological events are bound to happen. You’ll have at least one glorious moment of sunshine, warmth and bright light, when everything seems right in the world. This is probably the most frequent weather setting here. Then there’s this very “grey” area (both meanings of the word are correct in this case), where things get a little less defined. You could have a thin layer of cumulus clouds just depriving you of Vitamin D, or you could have brooding storm clouds of death ready to unleash their rain payloads.

And finally, assume that everyday there will be a CRAZY rainstorm of some kind and of some duration.

18th March 1940: British prime minister, Neville Chamberlain (Arthur Neville Chamberlain, 1869-1940) walking across the Horse Guard's Parade, Buckingham Palace on his seventy-first birthday. (Photo by Davies/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

I’m not exactly sure why this last weather phenomenon is so prevalent. I figure it has something to do with being so close to the Baltic Sea. Most days though I’ll be sitting in my apartment, or working at my desk, when I hear this wave of sound pass over the city. And before I know it, the street is drenched, pedestrians are huddling under storefronts, and cars are kicking up waves of water as they drive by. It just slams into you, and you’re literally left standing there, drenched to the bone, wondering what just happened.

And it happens at any time of the day. One day I was walking around town, when some light rain started. Just because I wasn’t in a hurry, I jumped under a small awning. Well that turned into a CRAZY rainstorm, and I was trapped there for the next half hour. Other times it’ll be throughout the day, other times you’ll already be at home when it starts. Just as a simple suggestion though, bring a sturdy umbrella and rain jacket with you, or buy them here. I mean DON’T GET ME WRONG, it does not rain here 24/7. If that were true my reviews and recommendations of Riga would be slightly more negative. It’s more like there’s always a daily 15 minutes or so of some heavenly “watering the garden”(:

So enjoy exploring Riga, but don’t forget to carry that umbrella nearby.

Written by Mark Kennedy, who is currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz Riga

Posted by Mark Kennedy

Всем Привет! My name is Mark Kennedy, and I’m currently studying Russian at the Liden and Denz Language Center in Riga, Latvia! To say I’m excited to be here is a severe understatement. Currently I'm going into my fourth year at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, where I'm enrolled as a dual-degree candidate, earning two degrees in Russian Language and Literature, and French Horn Performance. I started my study of Russian during a two-year mission for my church in St. Petersburg, Russia. Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! My language learning started off as kind of a trial by fire: with only 12 weeks of training beforehand, I was thrown into Russia and expected (to attempt, at least) to hold full on conversations with people. In the beginning it wasn’t pretty, but the sink or swim mentality of it all forced me to work hard from the start, and motivated me to really overcome any issues I had quickly. Combined with a personally guided plan of language study and some study materials, I came to love the language and the Russian people a TON! Two years later and I’m still studying it… Outside of Russian language, my French Horn degree keeps me busy. Favorite composer is probably Richard Strauss, and my favorite symphonic work is The Rite of Spring Suite by Stravinsky. (Debussy Piano pieces are my favorite non-symphonic works). I’m also into basically anything arts related: singing, dancing, listening to Maroon 5, drawing Sharpie art, going to art exhibits, going to orchestra concerts, etc. In terms of sports, I was a collegiate rower for the University of Michigan in 2011-2012, when we won the National Champions Team Trophy, and I play Ultimate Frisbee. I’m excited for this opportunity to write for Liden & Denz, and to share my enthusiasm and excitement about Riga and the Russian language!

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