Lunch-time after classes, where to go?

Lunch-time after classes, where to go?
26 August 2014

Maybe you have classes in the afternoon because you are taking the intensive course, or maybe you just feel like having a bite with your classmates right after school, because by 13.40 you are starving and lunch is a great moment to socialise. Either way, the chances are high that you will be looking for something to eat near ул. Инженерная, 6.

So what are your options? During the past two months I’ve had the opportunity to try out a few places and I thought I could share them with you. By clicking on the links you will find their locations on Google Maps.

Spar supermarket – the cheapest option, they have a good selection of salads bakery and deli items. Have a fork with you because I didn’t find any in the supermarket.

Teremok –the Russian’s reponse to Mc Donalds, for less then 5 Euros you can get tasty and filling Russian pancakes (блины). You have to try it once!

Sosa Bar – pasta dishes aren’t huge here, but they are good (al dente) and ok priced. The pizzas aren’t bad either (and I am Italian), but take into account that they usually take at least 20 minutes to prepare them.

Mama Roma – Italian restaurant, the atmosphere is a bit kitsch, but the pastas aren’t bad at all.

Cheburechnaya Brinza – Chebureki are originally Georgian, not Russian but they are so popular (and good) that you should really try them, and this is a good place to do it.

Kebab place in Sadovaya – standard chicken kebab and a very filling hot dog sandwich, with two sausages inside.

What should I add? Приятного аппетита!

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