A Must-Do In Riga: The Central Market

A Must-Do In Riga: The Central Market
06 August 2014

A Must-Do In Riga: The Central Market

When you are visiting Riga, the Central Market is a must-do there! It is the most colourful and delicious place in the city where you can find healthy and quality food. It’s also a paradise for gourmands, but with reasonable prices. You will definitely love it!

When the Central Market first opened in 1930 it was the largest, best and most progressive marketplace in Europe. In 1998 the market, together with Old Riga, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The main structure of the market consists of five pavilions, which were originally used as Zeppelin hangars. There are only nine Zeppelin hangars remaining in the world.

On 72300 square metres you can discover more than 3000 trade stands! The five pavilions are divided into a fish pavilion, a vegetable pavilion, a gastronomy pavilion, a dairy pavilion and a meat pavilion. There is something for everyone! And for those who like handcrafted things, there is the Market of Manufactured Goods outside the old hangars. Nearly 80-100 thousand people visit the Central Market every day! All over the year you can find the largest fish range as well as bakery products, exotic fruits, spices, honey, nuts, housekeeping thing, flowers, warm hearted handicrafts and much more!

Have a taste of traditional Latvian products at the market! Here are the Top 3 Riga Central market’s products:

o   Honey: it is a remedy for illness and also very delicious! In Latvia, you can find many bee-keepers. At the Central Market you can taste a wide range of delicious honey and bee products.

o   Fresh cheese: It is made from milk with various extras, such as seeds, herbs or dried foods. Try this healthy and delicious snack!

o   Rye bread: It is made from coarse-ground flour, the Latvian symbol and the basis of a meal. Each of them are hand-made.

There are also traditional manual Latvian products, such as woven baskets, potteries, woodcarvings and stockings.

Enjoy the spirit of a medieval market during Riga City Festival on the 15th of August from 11:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m!

Do not miss this interesting event and visit Riga’s Central Market!

For more information please visit: http://www.rct.lv/en/


This post was brought to you by Christina, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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