Riga’s Creative Side

Riga’s Creative Side
29 May 2015

Riga is a city of many faces. It’s already well known for its medieval architecture, rich history and culture, and tasty food. But what’s now the trendiest and artistic district of Riga? Be ready to discover its “hipster” side!

The main street is Miera Iela also known as Peace street. This name comes from a recent campaign promoted by local hippies. The name refers actually to funerals and the cemeteries that are located nearby the street. It may seemed a weird connection but it’s related to the fact that this is the place that Rigans usually visit at least to times during their life: when they’re born at the Riga Maternity Hospital and on their road to the graveyard.

This district is home to a lively community of hipsters and bohemian artists. Its streets offer a great variety of art galleries, shops florists, restaurants and cafés. Its a creative place and young entrepreneurs had the change to open their own original businesses whether they are a vintage shops or hairdresser-bookstores. Young Rigans love this place because here they have their “own” area with clubs, bars and venues for culture and exhibitions out of the Old city where usually the majority of tourists use to go.

Here are some of the most popular places to give you an overview of Riga’s creative district!

The most representative bar is KKC, Kanepes Kulturas Centrs. Kanepes is the Latvian word for cannabis but the place is actually named after the man who opened, Davis Kanepes. This former music school turned into one of the most busy culture centre/club of Riga which often hosts cultural and music performances.

Chomsky, named after the American left-wing intellectual Noam Chomsky, is an alternative bar that frequently hosts artist and experimental musicians. It’s a nice and easy going place often chosen by group of friends for the last drink of the evening.

Dad Café is a small bohemian creative centre located in the heart of Mieli Iela. It became popular for it traditional Thursday’s music evening and delicious homemade Lemon cake.

Piens, that in Latvian means “milk”, was one of the first hang-out places which opened outside the city centre. It’s a local hotspots for artists, designers, journalists, media people and musicians.

I Love You is well known for its atmosphere good music, mainly alternative & indie-rock, table games and tasty traditional Latvian food.

If you are into vegetarian or vegan food you should try MiiT and Taka. MiiT offers a great selection of coffee and excellent brownies.

Written by : Jessica Carrettiero

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