Russian Language Internship in Riga

Russian Language Internship in Riga
06 June 2024

Всем привет! My name is Elena, and I am eager to start my Russian language internship at Liden & Denz in Riga, Latvia. As an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago in the US, my studies involve Economics and Sociology.  

What led me to study the Russian language?

I owe my drive to study the Russian language to my many visits to Bulgaria. As a child, I was often intrigued by the Cyrillic writing on various monuments. Since then, my interest in the Slavic languages grew partly because of my passion for traveling. For this reason, I firstly took up Russian during highschool in Armenia. Far different from Romanian, a Romance language, the Russian language fascinated me from the start. Through time, I recognized the many linguistic subtleties in Dostoyevski’s novels as well as Tarkovsky’s movies. This proved my studies of the Russian language to be truly rewarding.

Why a Russian language internship at Liden & Denz, Riga?

Growing up in Eastern Europe, I have always been interested in the region’s history and traditions. I believe that solely by traveling to other countries such as Albania or Slovakia and now Latvia, I can notice their shared similarities. My interest in the communist regime and its effects motivated me to choose Liden & Denz in Riga. Through its outstanding program, I believe I can improve my conversational skills and expand my understanding of Russian grammar.

What are you looking forward to during your time in Riga, Latvia?

From first glance, Riga takes pride in its Art Nouveau architecture and stunning scenery. During my stay here, I plan on enjoying dozens of cherries sold at the Riga Central Market. Also, since I am a huge art enthusiast, I can’t wait to explore the galleries of the National Museum of Art. On the weekends, I am most excited about attending plays at the Mikhail Chekhov Russian Theatre and connecting with the locals at various events. Apart from this, the city combines the heritage of different eras that will never fail to disappoint.

I hope my articles to bring new insights about both the Russian language and what Riga has to offer!


This blog was brought to you by Elena, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz 

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