High End Shopping and Children Shopping in Moscow

High End Shopping and Children Shopping in Moscow
05 May 2016

High End Shopping in Moscow

High End Shopping. A word that every single woman loves, and also some men do love it. It is an international word and also in Moscow you can hear it many times. Indeed, in this city there are plenty of shopping centers and markets. The main reason is because Russian women love to wear fashion clothes and look always at their best. So this city is sprinkled with department stores of every type: from the more luxurious to the shopping centers for children.

The most famous is situated on the Red Square and is a real touristic sight: GUM (ГУМ – Государственный универсальный магазин). It is not just a department store, it is part of the city because of its ancient history. Inside GUM you will find many luxury brands, above all european fashion brands.

But not so far from it, there is another high level department store: TsUM (ЦУМ – Центральный Универсальный Магазин). It is just near the Bolshoi Theater, on Petrovka Street. TsUM is one of the most fashionable and trendy places in the city and the largest fashion department store in Eastern Europe. Here you will find the more famous (and expensive) designer brands. But even if you can’t afford anything, I advice you to go inside and have just a look (I did!).

Around the city there are many others shopping malls, more affordable for sure. Atrium is one of these. It is situated near Kurskaya Metro Station and inside there are also many restaurant and bar where you can try typical russians meals and rest from shopping.

Furthermore, Russian people really care about their children. Indeed, in the city, there are a lot of department stores for children with shops and restaurants dedicated to the little ones. The biggest and most famous is called Detski Mir (Детский мир) and here you can find also the renowned english toy shop “Hamleys” (where also adults can have fun).

The last shopping site that I feel to suggest you is not a real shopping mall, it is an open market. It’s name is Izmailovsky Market (Измайловский рынок) and it is a pretty typical russian market. Here you will find everything: from souvenirs like russian dolls (матрёшки) and fur hats to vintage jewels and watches and also knives and kalashnikov from the wars. Visit this market is a real experience to do!
Furthermore, visit shops and department stores will be for sure a fun and nice way to learn and practice your russian skills!

Good shopping and до скорого!

This post was brought to you by Elena, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

Posted by Elena Bianchini

Hi everyone! My name is Elena and I’m a young italian student actually based in Moscow. I just got my graduation in languages and economics. I can speak English, Russian and Spanish. I’m really interested into traveling and exploring new places. So I decided to spend four months in Russia, studying at the Liden & Denz Centre of Moscow, in order to improve my russian and reach a good level of speaking. In future I would like to work in the commercial sector connected with the russian market. Furthermore, I love every aspect of the russian culture and I would like to analyze it deeper. I’m really interested into the history and the traditions of this country. I’m here in Moscow just from one month and I’m already in love with this city!

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