Sputnik V – get the vaccine and get on with your life

Sputnik V – get the vaccine and get on with your life
10 February 2021

In most countries, a reliable Covid vaccine is months away, at least for the rest of us. If you don’t belong to a risk group or are not over 75 yet you need to wait at least until summer before it is your turn.

Not in Russia. Sputnik V is widely available not only to all Russians, but also to expats, foreign students and visitors. I received my first shot three weeks ago, today it was my turn for the booster. The vaccine is free, the procedure in my local polyclinic was pretty simple and straightforward, the doctor and nurse were friendly and I did not experience any side effects.

I never asked myself if the vaccine was safe. Why should I question this now? I survived all vaccines I have received in my childhood, I have vaccinated myself against the seasonal flu and it never bothered me how a specific vaccine works, if it was tested long enough or which company in which country has produced it.     

I have taken the Sputnik V vaccine because it will protect me and most likely protect others who come in contact with me. The vaccine will help us to get our lives back, it is as simple as that. As Russia did not go into lockdown this winter, there are theatres, concert halls, bars and restaurants just waiting to be discovered or rediscovered.

Posted by walter.denz

Co-founder of Liden & Denz, still discovering Russia, after almost 30 years!

2 responses to “Sputnik V – get the vaccine and get on with your life”

  1. Lina Langer says:

    Hallo Walter Denz,

    ich hatte schon einen Kurs bei Liden&Denz in Moskau und würde sehr gerne dort weitermachen. Gibt es keine Chance, die jetzigen Ausnahmen, um ein Visum zu erhalten, auf Sprachschulen auszudehnen?
    Machen Sie doch Lobby -Arbeit beim Ministerium! Sprachkurs + Impfung, das wäre doch gut für Russland…(gutes Marketing)

    • walter.denz says:

      Leider nicht! Die Impfung alleine reicht nicht für Medizintourismus, das haben wir schon abgeklärt. Sobald sich aber was tut, werden wir sofort informieren. Beste Grüsse, W Denz

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