St. Petersburg from above at Makaronniki

16 August 2013

Residents of St. Petersburg know that the best views of their city are from the rooftops and Makaronnikiакаронники)is a must if you want to admire the skyline in chic surroundings. Situated on the historical Petrogradsky Island (Петроградский остров) in a smart office block, a short walk away from Sportivnaya Metro station, you need to be in the know to find this place. But take the lift up to the top floor and you’ll enter into a beautiful, naturally lit restaurant revolving around a bar in the centre. Served by hipster staff, the venue attracts a well dressed crowd but the prices are reasonable nonetheless. Outside there is a huge covered veranda and rooftop seating area with hammocks, loungers and picnic benches. The Italian inspired menu is delicious but service isn’t the fastest – instead we suggest just taking in the breathtaking view across the Neva while sipping on a refreshing cocktail. Makaronniki is a lovely place to start your weekend and chill out after a long day of Russian language learning!

Prospekt Dobrolyubova 16, korpus 2

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