Great times in St Petersburg! Пока ребята!

Great times in St Petersburg! Пока ребята!
15 July 2016

Well, my two months of great times at Liden & Denz have come to a close, so I suppose I should write my farewell post, like so many have done before me. Unlike them, though, I will not be saying farewell to St. Petersburg just yet – I came to Liden & Denz by lucky conjunctures, but I still have a few more months left  on my visa, so I’ll be around! I’m happy to have the opportunity to keep contact with the many fellow students and teachers I’ve met here; it was a great environment to be part of. Of course I love the city and I love my Russian friends, but it was nice, after many months, to meet with fellow “aliens” and share thoughts and impressions on this great, though tragically underrated city.

I wouldn’t have chosen for an unpaid internship had it not been for the Russian courses they offered, and they were absolutely worth it. I’m so happy to have stumbled on their website! I have frequented several different language courses and the method here was incredibly effective: from being barely able to sputter a few mangled phrases, I have grown confident in my communicative abilities – sure, I make plenty of mistakes, but I know which ones they are, and am getting better every day. I will continue with a few self-study books suggested to me by my teachers, and speaking with my Russian friends (who are all really impressed with my progress!) and I hope, by the end of the year, to shoot for the TELC examination, which I will certainly sign up for through the school, and hopefully will get to review together with some of the teachers I had the pleasure of encountering in these two months.

I would like to applaud these great women and men for their patience, sympathy, intelligence and professionalism. Liden & Denz is blessed with a great staff.
I also really enjoyed writing for the students, and I hope my articles will be of help to others coming later.
Enough sap.
Пока ребята, счастливо и удачи! See you around 🙂

This message is brought to you by Esther – now ex- student and -intern at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg.

Thanks for reading!

Esther, currently learning Russian at Liden & Denz

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