A summer afternoon in Moscow

A summer afternoon in Moscow
21 June 2016

Considered the sun and the warm weather, I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon trying to get tan on the side of the Moscow river, at the foot of the sparrow hill (Воробьёвы Горы). Indeed, this riverbank is the perfect place to go if you can’t leave the city on the weekend but you still want to make the most of the good season in Moscow.

“Воробьёвы Горы”

Easily reachable through the nearby metro station  “Воробьёвы Горы”, this place is basically a city beach for the Muscovites. People, there, love to relax reading a book, listening to music and drinking a cold beer in the sun.воробьевы горы

If you would like to join them, just don’t forget to bring a towel with you, arrive early to find place on the grass, don’t feel embarrassed to take off your clothes, wear a swim suit and most important of all don’t even think of having a swim in the river.

“Корабль Брюсов”

After a couple of hours of tanning, the clouds started moving in and we decided to head towards Gorky park. Walking around the park aimlessly, we ended up in front of the Tretyakovskaya gallery, where the music coming from a boat docked at the riverside, got our attention.

Indeed, there it’s moored the so-called “Корабль Брюсов”, a ship that was renovated and turned into an artistic and recreational public place with the aim of bringing benefits and entertainment to the city and its citizens.

корабль брюсов

Intrigued by the music and the people, we decided to go in and we were pleasantly surprised at what we found inside. In fact, in this three-floors ship there are not only several showrooms and shops, but also bars and rooms with live music and various Dj sets, in addition to a fabulous open-air, where we had the chance to see the statue of Peter the great and the Cathedral of Christ the savior colored in golden by the sunset.   

Unless there are some events, the entrance is free and the prices for food and alcohol are reasonable. The atmosphere on the boat is fascinating and entertaining and I’d suggest it to anyone who wants to enjoy a summer afternoon on the Moscow river!

For more information visit the following site: http://brusovship.ru/en/#welcome

Matilde Miliazza, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz.

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