The Office Pub

17 February 2014

The Office Pub is a bar just off Nevsky Prospect, famed for being a traditional English pub! It was one of the first pubs in St Petersburg and offers comfortable chairs, live sports and good company: just what you want from a proper pub!

They have beer on tap like you see in the United Kingdom and have a huge selection of alcohol to choose from. This being Russia however, the drinks are much bigger than they are in the UK, and for a fraction of the price you can sample beers from around the world as well as the Russian vodka you’ll have come to love.

The bar not only offers a wide selection of drinks but a good choice of food as well. The menu is in Russian and in English, so you’ll easily be able to choose what you fancy. You have to try the fried bread sticks with cheese, perfect with a glass or two of  пива (beer)!

The atmosphere in here is brilliant as well, as it’s a favourite place of both expats and locals, all looking for a little bit of England in this very Russian city. People are very chatty and friendly and the bar staff know a lot about their drinks and the food.

If you’re into sports and are looking for a place to watch the football or the Sochi Olympics, then head to the Office where they play sports on the big screens throughout the day. With such comfortable seating and good food and drinks, you won’t want to leave after the match!

The Office can be found on Kazanskaya Ulitsa and the group that own the bar, Mollie’s Group, have many other bars throughout the city. You can find more information on their website as well as drinks offers and happy hour details.

Jade Mitchell-Ross is an English student, currently on an internship while studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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