The online resources you need to study Russian!

The online resources you need to study Russian!
26 October 2023

So, you’ve started learning Russian. Feeling overwhelmed by the Dative, Genitive Plural, or the pronunciation of ‘ы’?

In this article, I’m going to reveal the online resources you should be using to learn the language. Here is everything you need to master your Russian conversation, no gatekeeping! 


Vocabulary is fundamental to language learning and having new phrases in your arsenal can help make conversation go a lot smoother, both in class and with native speakers. Online resources such as Quizlet and Memrise are perfect for learning grammar and vocab as they allow you to turn your class notes and new vocabulary into flashcards and interactive games to build your long-term memory. 

Language immersion 

When I first started learning Russian, I often felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of everyday words and phrases needed to have even the most basic conversation. That is until I discovered language immersion, the best way to develop your vocabulary.

Resources like FluentU, Babbel and the mobile app SpeakEasy Russian are perfect for language immersion on the go. Everyday Russian content, such as videos, trailers and short films challenge your listening and comprehension skills, whilst adding to your vocabulary on topics such as travel, the environment and going shopping. Another resource I always recommend is Slow Russian, a course which helps to develop both your everyday and technical vocabulary, with audio and texts in slowed down, easier to understand Russian for students of all levels. 

Another way to immerse yourself in the Russian language is through online classes, such as those provided by Liden and Denz. Led by highly qualified native speakers, the online classes at Liden and Denz can be taken both individually and in a group setting, with both full and part-time courses. 

Now, this one may come as a surprise, but when it comes to learning a new language, the one resource I always recommend for all language learners is Netflix. Streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Youtube are a fantastic resource for language immersion and development. TV shows and films in Russian both with and without subtitles can help to deepen your understanding of both cultural nuance and pronunciation. 


Another difficult aspect of learning Russian is the grammar. Topics such as the Genitive Plural, the Superlative and Comparative and the Dative are often the bane of Russian students. Resources such as Everyday Russian and Learn Russian Step-By-Step are perfect for explaining core grammar concepts, as well as for providing reading and vocabulary exercises to put the grammar into practice. I always recommend the free grammar lessons with tests attached, which help consolidate your learning!

Darcie Peters is a student of Russian language at Liden and Denz Riga. 

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