Why did The “Scarlet Sails” Receive International Recognition?

Why did The “Scarlet Sails” Receive International Recognition?
19 October 2016

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Every year Saint Petersburg turns into a sleepless city during the legendary White Nights. Thousands of tourists from all over the world explore the Northern capital in this amazing time and try to not miss out on one of the city’s most remarkable public events, inspired by a romantic story by Alexander Grin that finds its reflection in the Scarlet Sails – a legendary show of spectacular fireworks, a massive water show and music performances all in the lightest night of the year.

“The Scarlet Sails” is the biggest celebration of school leavers in Saint Petersburg and perhaps even in the whole of Russia. The elaborately staged mega show held annually in mid or late June at the time of the famous white nights and is broadcasted live on the Russian television. The “Scarlet sails” are a figurehead of Saint Petersburg and a true magnet for tourist and millions of visitors each year. People from whole Russia and even from abroad are traveling especially at this time to this northern city to experience this unique show live.

Finally, the spectacle of Petersburg graduates received its official international recognition. This year, the ceremonial handover took place for the first time in St. Petersburg. More than 200 projects from 22 different countries compete against each other to achieve the “Golden Elephant.”

The graduation is the biggest celebration – It eventually takes place only once in a lifetime

The graduation generally is celebrated large in Russia. In many cities not only proms, but also city festivals are organised. The “Scarlet sails” of St. Petersburg particularly deemed atmospheric, colourful and romantic. The highlight of the celebration is the entrance of the majestic sailing ship with its bright red sails on the Neva River between the Hermitage and the Peter and Paul Fortress. The ship is a symbol of dreams that can come true, of hope and new beginnings. Under full sail and with a tailwind, the Russian graduates start to their new lifes. The motto of the event is:

„Russia. The country of possibilities.”

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