It is Time for Me to Say Bye – Пока, Счастливо!

It is Time for Me to Say Bye – Пока, Счастливо!
03 June 2016

It is hard to say bye after 4-week-long stay in Moscow and with Liden & Denz. It is sad and I already feel nostalgic. It has been a memorable experience of learning, of discoveries and of many encounters and friendships with interesting people, both locals and foreigners. I have eaten the Russian food, seen some of Moscow’s museums and palaces, wandered around the capital, visited churches and shopping malls, spent hours in bookshops, read books and watched Russian TV, admired the underground stations …

Looking backwards, the conclusion I come to is that I did my best trying to immerse myself in Moscow but I need more time to achieve this!

Above all, I want to say thanks to Varvara for being my teacher and to Sasha for guiding me outside the classroom, while interning with L & D. I believe my language skills are now in much better shape than they were a month ago and I feel comfortable in Russian context! Besides the language skills I have developed, I also had the opportunity to study and to write about the people and places which embody the Russian culture. I loved the experience and would like to be back soon. In the meantime, I will try to recreate the experience at home with the numerous books I purchased and the resources I have learnt how to use.

See you all soon, back in Russia!

Friendly yours,


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