Top things to do in St Petersburg near our school

Top things to do in St Petersburg near our school
16 August 2018

Our school is right in middle of St Petersburg’s most historic neighbourhood. Every time you walk here, even from the nearest metro station, you go past a good dozen important locations. It would take a couple of books to cover in depth all the things there are to see near school, so this article will just focus on mentioning the most important places nearby. It will still be quite the jampacked one. Here are some of the top things to do in St Petersburg near our school.

A small note. Google maps might tell you that it takes longer to get to some of these places. If you take as long as Google maps calculates, then you’re probably a Galapagos turtle, in which case, congratulations for defying the stereotype that says turtles can’t read. Stay strong.


Top things to do in St Petersburg three minutes away from school

Mikhaylovsky theatre

Mikhailovsky theatre

As soon as you walk out of the school you’ll be able to see some of St. Petersburg’s finest attractions. The Russian Museum, home to some of Russia’s most renowned exhibitions, is a block away from school. You’ll just need to cross Mikhailovsky Skver, a tiny park, and that’s it. If you’re more into performing arts than museums, you can just cross the street to Mikhailovsky theatre. Going to some of the most famous palaces of culture in the planet is that casual here.

Foodies won’t have to walk far for an amazing experience either. There’s a very nice restaurant not far from here, Завтра будет кофе. However, a more luscious alternative is the Beluga boutique right next to the restaurant. If you want me to write an article about Beluga you can go spam #LIDENZPLZ in the comments to make L&D fund it. Let’s make it happen guys.

Last but not least in this list is Nevskiy prospekt. We have LOADS of articles about the most famous street in Russia. You can check them out right here.



Five minutes

Mikhailovsky gardens

Mikhailovsky gardens

The regent in this category is without a doubt the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. This church is perhaps the most beautiful building I’ve seen in my live. I won’t go into detail about it here, but we have a new article coming up about it.

There are many other things to do five minutes away from school. You can go for a stroll in the beautiful Mikhailovsky gardens, or go visit the museum-apartments of writers like Brodsky or Zoshchenko. We are also very close to the National Library of Russia and the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines. There’s also a very nice spot to just chill at Singer café. I don’t recommend their coffee, but their view of Kazan Cathedral is wonderful.


Ten minutes

Faberge egg

Faberge egg

They view probably won’t be enough for you, so can also walk a couple of minutes more and reach the cathedral. Within this distance you’ll also find the famous Fabergé Museum, right next to the Fontanka river.

Finally, there’s Чердак Художника. This place is a fondue bar/art gallery or, in other words, heaven. Their food is very good and the menu is quite varied, they even have some sous-vide dishes. The gallery has an interesting collection which features artwork exclusively from St Petersburg.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but I’m sure you can see that there’s a lot to do close to our school. Of course, this is just an introduction to all the city has to offer. To learn more about St Petersburg and Russia, be sure check out our other blog articles. Also, remember to spam that #LIDENZPLZ!

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