02 August 2016

Hello everyone, my name’s Kamila and I’m delighted to be the new blogger at Liden and Denz!

I’ve just started a month-long Russian language course at the Liden and Denz centre in St. Petersburg, and during my time here I’ll be keeping you updated daily on the trials and travails of student life. Apart from the odd digression on Russian grammar, expect updates on St. Petersburg’s cultural calendar – my focus will be events, explorations and (most importantly) espresso…

And why Russia? Well, its an accident of birth and an artistic obssession which brought me here in the first place. As a displaced British-Polish art historian currently writing a PhD thesis on the visual culture of early Communism, I had little choice but to learn Russian. I immediately found that I had a love-hate relationship with the langauge. Without the love.

I jest. True, I have been known to complain about Russian’s (frankly unnecessary) quantity of verbs, syllables and cases, but at the same time, I can’t help but be astounded by the sheer beauty of this Slavic languages, and fascination with its capacity to express things, quite literally, inexpressible in English.

Will this enthusiasm sustain me throughout four weeks? Will I ever understand imperfective verb aspects? And when will it stop raining in St. Pete’s? We’ll have to wait and see… stay tuned 🙂

До завтра!


This blog was brought to you by Kamila, intern and student at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg

Posted by Kamila

Hi! I'm Kamila, studying Russian at Liden & Denz, Moscow and blogging about events, explorations and (most importantly) espresso…

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