Привет from Miriam!

Привет from Miriam!
10 October 2019

So here I am, once again in Russia, starting a new adventure! My name is Miriam I’m from Basque Country, a beautiful small region in northern Spain, and I will be at Liden and Denz in St. Petersburg for the next two months. My duties in the cultural capital of the country will be to work as a blogger/editorial assistant and to study a bit of Russian. Although I will have the opportunity to spread my love for Russian culture and language in the following posts, I would like to use this blog entry to share with you a few details about myself.

I graduated in English Philology and I completed a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and another one in Language Teaching. I have worked as an English teacher for some years and one crazy day I decided that learning Russian was a great idea.

You might be wondering why I took the determination of learning Russian and not any other language. Good question!  I don’t have a clear answer, but my wanderlust can definitely be blamed. My true love has always been travelling. I love discovering new places, talking to different people from all over the world and eating exotic food. I have visited many different places on our small planet and Russia has always had something special for me. I really cannot explain why but, after a couple of visits to the country, I fell in love with it and the sounds of the language. That’s why I decided to live here for a longer period in this fantastic country.

Moving to Russia was not an easy task. It took me some time until I could finally arrive in Russia last September as an international volunteer. Even though most expats decide to start their new life in big and vibrant cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg I decided to move to the charming capital city of the Mari El Republic: Yoshkar- Ola. Over the year, I got a deeper insight into the fascinating Russian soul and culture.  I met Дед Мороз, I prepared Шашлык under the snow, I cooked delicious homemade pelmeni, I took the habit of drinking tea all day long and I became a big fan of Russian Banya.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of the Russian language didn’t go that well… One would assume that after one year in the middle of nowhere in Russia, my Russian would be amazing right now. Unfortunately, It is not the case. I could blame the lack of time or structured Russian lessons for my poor Russian comand or just find a solution. So here I’m am improving my Russian. When there’s a will there’s a way! and that’s why I’m in St. Petersburg. I am looking forward to sharing my experience as a student in Liden &Denz with you.

Posted by Miriam Núñez

всем привет! I’m Miriam from Spain and I’m currently an intern at Liden&Denz in St. Petersburg.

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