День города Celebrations!

День города Celebrations!
23 May 2015

On the occasion of День Города (Day of the city) , on May 27, this weekend Saint Petersburg will offer a free opera concert to its citizens and visitors. The concert is already a tradition for the cultural capital of Russia, that celebrates its anniversary every years with such extraordinary events. Then on May 27, the actual День Города, there will be just a simple ceremony at the monument “Медный всадник” (Medniy vsadnik).

Therefore on Sunday 24 there will be given a majestic classical concert which will combine at the same time opera and dance performances. The location will be Дворцовой площадь (the Palace square) in the background of the Hermitage palace. The stage is set and decorated as if the the whole show will take place inside a palace. The stunning chandeliers and the baroque richness of the decoration introduce the public to the ball that will be the main theme of the show.

On this charming and glittering stage famous opera singers and musicians will offer the audience special performances. In particular the most celebrated guests will be the Russian opera singer Дмитрий Хворостовский (Dmitrii Chvorostovskii), the soloist of the Vienna State Opera Valentina Nafornita the russian Екатерина Лехина (Ekaterina Lechina) and the violinist Алена Баева ( Alena Baeva).

The the Symphony Orchestra of the Mikhailovsky Theatre will play during the whole evening and its program includes among the main composers Rossini, Verdi, Gounod, Kalman, Lehar and Strauss. Several dance company from theaters of Saint Petersburg will participate to the ball. And a special moment will be dedicated to the team “ Bad Boys of Dance”, well known for its acrobatic shows and its way of mixing rock and classic elements.

The concert will start at 21:00 and is expected to be an extraordinary evening with a unique atmosphere.

Written by: Jessica Carrettiero

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