10 Reasons to Visit Moscow in Winter

10 Reasons to Visit Moscow in Winter
15 August 2016


10 Reasons to Visit Moscow in Winter


Most students who decide to visit Moscow and study Russian aim to do so in spring and summer months. It’s warm, sunny, and the city comes alive with events, festivals, and outdoor concerts. However, there’s a lot to be said about the beauty of Moscow in the winter months. Just because there are fewer hours of sunlight doesn’t mean everything shuts down and everyone hibernates. Far from it!

Winter can be a harsh reality for someone who’s never experienced it before. But proper clothing and layers will allow you to enjoy everything on offer and you can consider yourself an honorary Russian if you manage to survive the coldest season (and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to!) Therefore, I urge you to visit Moscow! 

Winter normally lasts from early November to the end of March. While January is the coldest month, the average temperature is around -7 degrees Celsius. Do not fear! All is takes is a warm hat a scarf and gloves. Dressing and undressing is the worst part of Russian winter. 

Below is a list of both indoor and outdoor activities that you should partake in to ease winter.

1. Skating

If you haven’t tried skating yet, now is the time. Not only is this a great way to warm up, it’s also a lot of fun. Skating rinks are abundant in the city, and it’s easy and cheap to rent skates. Make sure to find a kind soul to hold your hand if you haven’t done it before, skating on ice can be a scary sensation! Public rinks can be found in the Red Square, in Gorky Park, in Tsaristinoe, in VDNHa

2. The Theatre

Russians are avid theatre goers – there’s even a word to describe a person who frequently goes to the theatre: “teatral”. Whether you prefer the ballet, the opera, the symphony or plays, everything can be found in Moscow. You can frequently find ongoing performances during your winter Moscow visit. 

3. Museums

Moscow is well-known for its art, history, and cultural museums. The best part is they stay open all year round!


5. Vodka Museum

Possibly the strongest association with Russians is their love of vodka. There’s no better time to

6. The Russian Banya

Another wonderful Russian tradition are public baths and steam rooms. Imported from the Turks, Moscow offers several

7. New Year’s in Moscow 

This is bar far the biggest and most popular Russian holiday. The entire country gets the first week of January off.
New Year’s Eve is normally reserved for family time nd this is when people usually exchange gifts, drinks champagne, eat mandarins

8. Skiing

9. Architecture

Much of Moscow was rebuilt in 1812 after Napoleon set the city on fire when he tried and failed to take over the Russian capital. Examples of 19th century architecture can be found all over the city, and bright-coloured buildings pop even more against a snowy backdrop.

10. Culinary Experience

Russian food is often considered heavy and hearty. There’s nothing like a bowl of warm borsch or pilmenyi to warm you up.


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