3 Tools That Will Help You Prepare For Travelling

3 Tools That Will Help You Prepare For Travelling
08 February 2017

3 Tools That Will Help You Prepare For Travelling

I am a big fan of travelling. Once you get bitten by a travel bug, there is no cure – the saying is true. Before my 24th birthday I’ve travelled to over 20 countries around the world. I’ve lived in US, Greece and Russia and used almost every mean of transportation on this planet. By now, I am very well aware of all suitcase sizes and what can go in your carry-on and what absolutely cannot. Always packing and looking for a way to fit all your life in a suitcase, or two – without exceeding the weight limit. After all this time, I became a packing professional.

Over the years, I came across useful tools that help me prepare for travelling – regardless whether it is a weekend or a month long trip, or even moving to another country indefinitely.



This is a website that helps you find the best place to live and work around the world, based on your personal preferences. If globalisation didn’t make the world small enough, then this website will. It tells you about the quality of life, costs of living, job – salary ratios, local safety, education opportunities, visa requirements, people, LGBT rights, outdoor activities, startup scene, and even opinions given by locals about living there in addition to links for further research.


This is an app that combines travel tips from many travel bloggers. Tips include information about the most popular sights, events and restaurants at the location you are visiting.  Also, there is an option to use the app offline. Hence, all the maps and plans you’ve made are always accessible. It is like having a summarised travel guide book on your phone.

However, the app is not completely free. There is a basic guide that is free, but to use it offline and to have access to more information you’ll have to pay. My advice is to download the app, and check how it works. It’s good that you can buy each guide individually, in a group of 10, or buy unlimited access to over 600 guides.

I’ve used it during my travels in Spain, and the guide is really detailed with wide variety of options to choose from. It was helpful to have everything in one place – all museums, sights, restaurants, accommodation, clubs and anything that comes to mind really.


To be honest, this is my least favourite part of travelling. I’m not used to travelling lightly, and I am one of those people that need everything. Just in case, you never know – I may go to a fantastic restaurant every day so I will need all of my beautiful heels and all of my favourite dresses. What if I wish to where IT and I can’t!?

Over time, I learned to control myself and plan better – now I don’t wear only 1/3 of the things I bring ! I like to keep my options open.

Packpoint is an app that helps you NOT to forget anything. According to the length of your stay and activities you have planned, it generates a list of everything you need to bring. First time you use it, you add the items and then, for every next trip you add or uncheck what you do not need. It’s magical!


The apps mentioned above are the perfect choice for those of you who like to plan your trip on your smartphone or computer, however a complete print-out travel checklist will get prepare you just as well. And in order to design one that fits your needs, we found a great guide to creating your own personal checklist on coworker.com. They have summed up the most important things that you should consider while packing and also provide numerous examples for their check points. Never again you will forget the electrical adapter or your toothpaste!

Well, that is it from my side. You are now well prepared for your travel so have a safe trip and fun travelling!

This post was brought to you by Maja, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz


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Hi everyone! I am an International Relations graduate venturing Moscow and absolutely enjoying the diversity this city has in store. Currently SEO intern at Liden&Denz, I'm learning Russian and exploring the world of marketing on this side of the planet. Big fan of coffee, mindful conversations and, of course, travelling! Cheers!

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