Arbat Street

12 December 2013

Most visitors to Moscow are familiar with the most famous sites and attractions. Red Square, the Kremlin and perhaps even some of the many Soviet monuments. But one place that many people (besides most Muscovites) are not aware of is the historic Arbat Street (Арбатская улица).

Located right in the old center of Moscow, The Arbat (as it is commonly referred to) is one of Moscow’s oldest and most popular streets to live on. Dating back to at least the 15th century, the street has for a long time been popular amongst Russian nobility, artists and later, Soviet officials. No one is even certain how the street got its name, however, the popular theory is that it comes from the Arabic word for “suburb” as a result of the many attacks on the city by Tartar peoples in the 15th century.

Today, The Arbat is popular among tourists and is dotted with numerous chain restaurants and souvenir shops. Despite the recent takeover of the tourist industry, the street also still boasts an impressive  artistic presence. There are many statues of famous Russian writers and poets along the street and even, along one side street, an entire graffiti wall dedicated to the rock band Kino and its lead singer, the late Russian rock legend Viktor Tsoi (Виктор Цой).

These are just some of many reasons to visit this historic and eccentric street in the center of the amazing city of Moscow.

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