The best viewpoints to see Moscow from above

The best viewpoints to see Moscow from above
11 October 2018

Moscow is so beautiful, it is worth to see from every angle, but the view from above is totally stunning. That’s why there are so many viewpoints around the city. They are historical buildings, parks, museums, and restaurants that also offer breath-taking views of the city. So, in this article you will find some hints to find your best spot to take pictures with amazing landscapes.

Viewpoints in parks

The most famous viewpoint in Moscow is Sparrow Hills, in Russian Воробьевы горы. The platform can be reached by going up through a park and, therefore, it is a great place to take a break from sightseeing and enjoy a picnic. From the viewing platform you can catch a glimpse of the two different faces of Moscow: the modern glass skyscrapers of the Moscow-City on the one hand, and on the other hand the Stalinist-style “Seven Sisters”. Just below the hill there is also the Luzhniki Olympic Stadium, which hosted the 2018 World Cup. To reach the hill, take trolley bus number 7, which stops at Kosygina street, or the red metro line to Vorobyovy Gory station.

If you like being outdoors, you will surely cross the gates of Gorky Park to relax on the grass on a sunny day. But what many people don’t know is that since last spring tourists can go up onto the park’s main gates to enjoy a panoramic view over the Moscow River, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the statue of Peter the Great. To reach the park by metro, stop at Park Kultury or Oktyabrskaya stations.

For parks’ fans, another good spot from where admiring the Moscow River, the Kremlin and the colourful St. Basil’s Cathedral is the new “floating bridge” in Zaryadye Park. The park, very close to the Red Square, is a famous destination for thousands of tourists who, despite the fragile appearance of the bridge without support, can stand on it and take original “floating selfies”.


Stunning views of The City of Moscow

More and more tourists coming to Moscow look for places to take pictures of the of the newly built glass skyscrapers of the International Business Centre. Their different shapes and structures are worth a stop on one of the many platforms and rooftops that offer a view over this modern landscape. Even better if you can also eat and drink something while you enjoy the view. Here are the best panoramic restaurants and bars in the area.

For example, both the Sixty and the White Rabbit restaurants offer stunning views over the City of Moscow, apart from sophisticated dishes and a luxury atmosphere. You can choose to dine here or just drink a cocktail while enjoying the landscape.


Another rooftop that offers the chance to eat or drink while enjoying the view over Moscow-City’s skyscrapers is the one at Hotel Ukraine. The hotel, one of the Seven Sisters, is now known as Radisson-Royal Hotel and has an observation platform on the 33rdfloor, where there is also a cafeteria. The hotel building itself is worth to see from the outside for its Stalinist style. To catch a glimpse of both Hotel Ukraine and the skyscrapers of Moscow-City glowing in the distance, stop at Kalina Bar in Lotte Plaza Hotel, located at the end of Novy Arbat.

Hotel Ukraine by night

On the contrary, if you are just planning to drop by Moscow-City to take a quick picture, you can reach the Международный Деловой Центр bytaking line 4 on the metro and crossing the river. The view is also amazing and will cost you just the price of a ticket (55 rubles).

View over the Red Square and the city centre

Not only is it beautiful walking around the centre of Moscow, but also its view from above is amazing. Maybe you are already planning to visit Ivan the Great Bell Tower and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour when in Moscow. These are also two perfect viewpoints over the city centre. The first building is the highest tower in the Kremlin Complex, which you can reach by taking the metro and stopping at Ploschad Revolyutsii. Not far from there, near Kropotkinskaya station, there is the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The visit to the panoramic platforms between the belfries is only available for groups of tourists with prior reservation, but the bridge in front of the Cathedral offers the view of the МоскваRiver and the Kremlin walls in the distance.

Moscow in winter

The observation platform of the Central Children’s Store at Lubyanka (close to Lubyanka metro station) is also one of the best viewpoints in central Moscow and offers a good overview of the central area. From there, you can enjoy the view of many of the globe buildings this city is famous for.

Ostankino TV tower

The highest telecommunication tower in Europe is definitely the best spot to see the whole city from above. It is also the eighth tallest building in the world and, obviously, has an observation platform and a circular rotating restaurant, the Seventh Heaven. The closest metro station is VDNKh, so I’d suggest, after a tour around in the park, to walk to the tower.

Seventh Heaven restaurant

What is the best way to enjoy the view of our beloved Moscow from above? After a climb up a green park, while sipping a cocktail, or while standing on a 337 metres-high observation deck? The choice is yours.


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