A fabulous visit at Eliseevsky store

A fabulous visit at Eliseevsky store
15 September 2016

When walking along Nevksy Prospekt, you definitely won’t overlook the famous Eliseevsky delicacy store. The colourful designed store at the corner of the ancient Eliseevsky building is an absolute eye-catcher.

A short step into history

The huge building was constructed in Art Nouveau and was a creation of the architect Gavriil Baranovsky. The shop distinguishes itself through its huge shop-windows, where lots of colourful and fabulous figures are placed. Another distinctive elements of the building are the adorned statues in bronze and granite on the walls. The structure was commissioned by the Eliseev brothers, it was originally opened in 1903. After years of renovation, the Eliseevky store was reopened in 2012.

Eliseevsky atmosphere

When I entered the shop for the first time, I was very astonished and busy with simply looking around for almost 15 minutes! The inside of the store is even more impressive than the outside appearance. The room is full of mirrored walls, marble counters, chandeliers in the form of stylized flowers, noble wood paneling, colourful windows, pyramidal shelves and so on.

Eliseevsky deliciousness

The shop presents its products and delicacies in a very appealing way. It offers luxury goods like caviar or champagne, but also groceries like tea, coffee or chocolate. I spent a lot of time at the marzipan counter. There, fruits and vegetables are praised, which are all made entirely of marzipan! There is also the possibility to sit and drink coffee there, the middle of the store is created like a small café. It is a special experience and atmosphere to sit on one of the historic chairs and drink coffee. In the backstage corner, there is also a small bakery where you can buy tasty self-made pastries. On the first floor you find also a restaurant, which offers delicious dishes.

Eliseevsky shop offers a historical experience and it is definitely a must-stop for tourists. Especially coffee and chocolate fans will love this place. The store is also a good possibility to buy souvenirs and gifts.


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