Expired visa – Lufthansa strike makes it possible

Expired visa – Lufthansa strike makes it possible
29 November 2016

The last days of the stay in Saint Petersburg are finishing while the strongly desired return trip comes closer. The wish to go back home is enormous, neither because of the outstanding experiences at the language school Liden and Denz nor because of the versatile Russian language. It is rather the desire to see the beloved family and to return to the daily routine to which one was used to before the time in Russia. While the last things of the upcoming trip were prepared, the Lufthansa surprised their passengers with the announcement of strikes. What seems to be normal for a loyal Lufthansa customer at first glance might turn into difficulties with the Russian authorities, if and only if the visa expires at the same day at which the flight back was planned and booked.

A closer look on the web page of the German Foreign Office states, if the Russian Visa is expired, a court procedure, a fine and an entry ban for the next five years can await and decorate the departure. While reading this statement, the last great impressions of the country and culture are overshadowed by a possible offense for which one is not responsible. How one should react in such a situation, especially if all lines of the striking airline are busy and if all attempts to rebook the flight failed?

A participant at Liden and Denz was exactly faced with this circumstance. After all easy and comfortable ways failed in order to communicate with the Lufthansa, the last and finally best method consisted in going to the airport directly. The participant insisted in alternatives and made the airline understand that an enjoyable day at home with the family is preferred in contrast to further troubles and an extended stay on the airport. Apparently, the Lufthansa quickly understood this issues and immediately booked a place for the airplane of the Russian competitor Aeroflot.

But also if this had not been possible in case all other flights had been booked out, a flight on the next day could be taken in case of an expired visa:

Once, the passenger has finished the check-in at the airport and once he has passed the border control, he is located at the so called “no man’s land”. That means that the traveler has left the country within the period prescribed. Hence, he does not need to be a afraid of any consequences related to visa expiration and can take the next airplane of the following day.

The German version of the article can be found here.

Maxim, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg

Posted by Maxim Germer

Maxim Germer is currently involved as an intern at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg. He has been learning Russian for a couple of weeks. Due to the success he noticed during a three weeks stay at the language School Liden and Denz he decided to come back where he is now for three months.

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