Пока Питер, I’ll see you soon!

Пока Питер, I’ll see you soon!
08 November 2019

I can’t believe that three months have gone so fast! But as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun, and my time at Liden and Denz has been brilliant. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to continue studying Russian whilst exploring my favourite city.

I have wholeheartedly enjoyed studying at Liden and Denz. A massive thank you to Lyubov and Zlata for making our classes fun and interesting every day. I have loved the discussions that we’ve had, the topics we’ve covered, and the funny anecdotes that we laugh at in class. My classmates have been so friendly and even though many people have arrived and gone since I joined the school, the dynamic in class has been great. In Liden and Denz’ classes we chat together for many hours each day, and my level of Russian and speaking confidence has improved a lot in this short period – I’ve managed to get to B2+ level! Dare I say it – I even feel like I understand Russian grammar better than before, and no longer feel sheer terror at the thought of глаголы движения.

My internship writing for Liden and Denz’ blog has added so much to my personal experience of life in St Petersburg. I have learnt a lot about Russian culture, customs and history, and am grateful to my supervisor Anastasia for giving me the freedom to discover more about my favourite city and share what I’ve learnt via Liden and Denz’ blog. I have gained a huge sense of independence by spending lots of time on my own exploring new places and taking each opportunity that I’ve come across in St Petersburg, and I’m now certain that I want to pursue a career in travel and cultural journalism. I especially loved creating an interactive map of St Petersburg and writing about the city’s different creative clusters. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my articles over the past few months, and that you can enjoy the city as much as I have. 

Last but certainly not least, I have made the most lovely friends at Liden and Denz. My fellow interns and classmates have filled the last few months with fun. I was able to share my love and knowledge of St Petersburg with my new friends and create many happy and hilarious memories exploring the city with them. I will definitely stay in touch!

I’ve had a thoroughly great time here and I will never tire of living in such a fascinating and vibrant city (although the current weather makes it slightly easier to leave). Although I’m sad to be heading home, I’ll be back sooner than I know it! До встречи, Rachel.

Posted by Rachel South

I'm Rachel, from England, and I'm interning at Liden and Denz for the next three months. I look forward to sharing my experience of living and studying in Russia!

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