Gratitude Days Turn Into Years! Happy 2017 !

Gratitude Days Turn Into Years! Happy 2017 !
23 December 2016

The months of Gratitude are upon us. Or, should I say days? Starting with Thanksgiving in the West all the way to Epiphany in the East. I am talking about two different religions here, конечно (clearly).

What about the rest of the year?

What is it about Winter and the end of every year that reminds us of gratitude, that other seasons do not have?

In Russia, Christmas takes place after the official New Year – because Russian Orthodox Church goes by the old Julian Calendar. Exactly 13 days in between Western and Eastern Christmas. In today’s world, it translates into a really long holiday to spend with our families and loved ones. I am grateful for this!

Going back to the overwhelming feeling of gratitude, that for some reason is not as intense throughout the year. We are buying presents, donating food, money, clothes, being kind to our fellow men and women, holding doors of the metro, etc. During this time of the year, we simply feel more generous and kind. My question is not why is this so; but, why is it so intense ONLY during these two last months of the year?! It should be like this all year round!

Добрые дела идут !

Every day we have something to be grateful for. Every day something good happens and if we do something good, it makes at least two good things that have happened on this day. Could you make someone smile? Or, surprise them with a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar, or maybe a pair of socks (as my friend saw it happen across the world a couple of days ago: read the story here).

Regardless of our differences, from West to East, we have equal power to share, give and help someone, let go of a grudge, be happy for our friend’s success, enjoy todays weather, enjoy the lights!

Think about it, what is it that you are grateful for?

How can you help those less fortunate?

Even the smallest acts of kindness can trigger a sequence of good deeds – perhaps all it takes is to hold the door for someone!

Social media are a powerful medium for sharing good news. Use it!

Remember to be grateful all year round!


Decorated by Anna, a person that inspires every day!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


This post was brought to you by Maja, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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Hi everyone! I am an International Relations graduate venturing Moscow and absolutely enjoying the diversity this city has in store. Currently SEO intern at Liden&Denz, I'm learning Russian and exploring the world of marketing on this side of the planet. Big fan of coffee, mindful conversations and, of course, travelling! Cheers!

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