Interesting Facebook groups to follow as a foreigner in Saint Petersburg.

Interesting Facebook groups to follow as a foreigner in Saint Petersburg.
10 March 2021

When exploring in a new city, it always helps to start with searching for information on topics that you might find intersting. Luckily, there are some Facebook pages dedicated to this specific purpose. When I first moved to Saint Petersburg last year to study Russian, these Facebook pages really helped me out, which is why I would like to share them with you! 


1. St. Petersburg Expats

This is the Facebook page that is the most active and has 3300 members. The posts vary from people asking questions related to visa and passport issues to posts about jobs, exercise, where to buy certain food from people’s home countries. Basically, it is a very useful Facebook group to stay updated on all issues a foreigner might stumble upon when being in Saint Petersburg. Moreover, there are a lot of foreigners that have lived in Saint Petersburg for quite some time who organize English speaking events, or other events that foreigners might find interesting to attend. Definitely worth checking out!

2. Saint Petersburg for foreigners

As the name of the group already suggest, this is another Facebook group that I would recommend following when you would like to receive information for foreigners. This group has 3800 and is also quite active. As the description of the group says: This group is tended to help foreign students in Saint Petersburg find the best way to explore the city and learn some Russian. Everyone who can provide helpful information about the city and learning Russian stuff is welcome!


3. International Students Saint Petersburg

With 11000 members, this is also a Facebook group to consider following, even though you are not a student (anymore). The main focus of this group is to bring foreigners that are in Saint Petersburg together. Quite often there are posts about events especially organized for international students. It’s a great way to get to know other internationals!

The description:
Are you an exchange student in Saint Petersburg or only plan to become one? Or a local looking for some international experience?
Join this group to find new friends, ask for some advice or just get in touch with other international people in our beautiful city.

4. St Petersburg EXPATS – Learning Languages

This group is very convenient Facebook group, when you are looking for events that will help you to learn Russian faster. Also, there are a lot of Russian Speaking Meetings organized by different groups of foreigners and Russians as well. They all post regularly in this group. Moreover, some of the events that are organized for learning languages are online, so you can participate even though you don’t have the possibility to attend them live!

Have fun exploring!


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