Best Russian Souvenirs are found at Izmailovsky Market in Moscow

Best Russian Souvenirs are found at Izmailovsky Market in Moscow
21 July 2015

Only best Russian souvenirs deserve to go home with you! The best place to find good quality and not expensive souvenirs is Измайловский рынок (Izmailovsky Rynok) also known as Вернисаж (Vernisazh). It is located north-east of Moscow, ten minutes away from Партиза́нская (Partizanskaya) metro station. You can easily recognize it thanks to the wooden structure of Izmailovsky Kremlin which encloses the market, and the colorful arch before the entrance saying Vernisazh. The design of the building is inspired by Russian fairy tales and the place was originally supposed to be used as a wedding complex.

What can you find at Izmailovsky market?

On the internet sometimes it’s is written that you have to pay 100 or 50 RUB to enter the market, but honestly I never had to. Izmailovsky is open everyday from 9:00 to 16:00, but it’s better to go there on the weekend because all the stalls will be working. Inside the market you can find everything you were looking for, from матрёшки (matryoshki) to army fur hats, amber, платок (platok), lacquered canisters and boxes and many more. The Nostalgics of the Soviet Era can find plenty of different soviet memorabilia, posters, pins and uniforms and in general, traditional Russian outfits, samovars and antiquities, besides original artworks and handcrafts, made for example of wood and resins from the Ural Mountains.

Flea market

This flea market has different quality wares and the prices are really negotiable and if you tried long enough you’ll easily get how to bargain, sometimes it’s even better if you don’t speak a good Russian or English or if you pretend not to understand. And at the end you’ll definitely enjoy it and what’s more you’ll have good deal for you souvenirs! In addition it’s a good way to improve your Russian since the vendors especially the old one are really willing to explain to you how their souvenirs are made and why they are so special.

Successful shopping requires a treat

When you’re done with the shopping, on the right side of the market there are some of the best shashliki waiting for you: a line of cooks each with their own grill and and their amazing meat and vegetable skewers! It will be difficult to ignore them, so don’t do it; you won’t regret those шашлыки (shashliki) above all if you eat them drinking a good old Russian Жигули (Zhiguli) beer!

Next to this I recommend you to have a walk in Izmailovsky park and relax on the dock of the lake nearby the market, especially if it’s a sunny day, that will be the perfect ending of your day at Ismailovsky market!

This blog was brought to you by Jessica, currently studying Russian at Liden and Denz

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