JFC Jazz club

17 October 2013

JFC Jazz club is the most famous underground jazz club in St. Petersburg. It always attracts an interesting crowd of jazz fans of different ages.

Unlike a lot of other jazz venues, here the music isn’t just in the background. This place is just for music lovers, not for people who want to spend the evening in conversation with faint music playing. In fact, gigs and jams are organized every evening.

JFC music is an eclectic mixture of all the modern trends of jazz: from blues to jazz-rock, funk and acid jazz. There is even some ethnic and Latin American jazz. In fact, it’s the best place if you want to experience new strange subgenres of jazz music (ever heard of outer space jazz?). You’ll be able to see concert of groups coming from everywhere in the world.

The only disadvantage is the little size of the bar, and sometimes it is better to book a table in advance. The venue is located 10 minutes away from Chernyshevskaya (Чернишевская) metro station, inside a courtyard on Shpalernaya street (Шпалерная Улица).

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