A Walk in a Park: The Kolomenskoye Museum

A Walk in a Park: The Kolomenskoye Museum
22 April 2014

A Walk in a Park: The Kolomenskoye Museum​

Kolomenskoye museum is surrounded by a park and an ancient village with several Orthodox churches. It is located 10 km in the south of the center of Moscow. He became one of the suburbs of the Russian capital in 1960 and now belongs to the southern part of the city.

Former royal residence, now an art, history, architectural museum-reserve. It covers about 390 hectares. Aside from Kolomenskoye Museum, the famous Kolomenskoye village was on the road between Moscow and Kolomna. The first time it is mentioned was in the testament of Ivan Kalita in 1339, prince of Moscow. The legend also says that it is here that Saint George, the patron saint of Moscow killed the dragon (allegory of the victory of Christianity over the devil).

In addition, it seems that Ivan the Terrible had the habit of celebrating his birthday in the palace of the village. Beside, the Church of the Ascension (1532) was built in his honor. It is registered on the World Heritage List since 1994 : its architecture has deeply influenced the East European one. But when the capital was moved to St. Petersburg, the town fell into decline. During the time of Catherine II, the palace was renovated and became a summer residence.

The Kolomenskoye Museum was founded in 1923 on the initiative of Peter Baranovsky (is Credited with saving Saint Basil’s Cathedral from destruction in the early 1930s). Then appears the idea of creating a museum of wooden building (the Museum of Wooden Architecture) in 2008.

The museum as we know it today was created in 2005: it is part of a set that includes three other historic sites (The Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve):

– Liublino

– Lefortovo Park and Palace

-Izmailovo estate

Kolomenskoye is an original unspoiled landscape with a unique flora. It has been preserved by time, despite the fact that it is located in the city center. In the landscape you can find the Dyakovo settlement ( the most ancient settlement within moderne Moscow. It is an Iron Age culture that have been recently discovered. You can visit also several churches or religious building as the Church Of St. George, The Standalone belltower, the Church of Our Lady Kazan, and so on…

A nice place to stroll during sunny days. A place that makes you feel in the countryside just 30 minutes from the city center!


This post was brought to you by Anne Sophie, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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