Liden & Denz launches live online Russian classes

08 February 2012

The Liden & Denz Language Centres are rolling out their first virtual classroom today. Using tried and tested technology from Adobe, online learners can now book and follow individual Russian language classes on any computer, mobile or handheld device. So far we are offering only individual classes. Open group courses will be added in the near future. Classes will be run by our core teachers, who usually run residential classes either in St.Petersburg or Moscow. This way we are able to guarantee the same level of quality our residential students enjoy in a real classroom. As with residential students, we ask our online students to fill out our evaluation test and specify their specific learning needs. Lessons are recorded and can be replayed later, which is very useful. The e-learning interface we are using allows our teachers to work on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Again – like in a real classroom. As a special introductory offer, Liden & Denz offers a first lesson free of charge. Further lessons can be conveniently booked and paid by credit card or paypal ordering packages of 10 and 25 lessons. Further information:

  • Liden & Denz Russian Online Classes
  • Send your enquiries to [email protected] or call +7 812 344 07 88

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