Nights out in St. Petersburg

Nights out in St. Petersburg
10 November 2021

If you’re looking to go out in the evening, especially on a weekend, here are some of the most popular places to go for a night out in Saint Petersburg. There is a myriad of options in the large city, so you should be able to find somewhere to go no matter what you’re looking for. Although clubs are closed at the moment due to Covid restrictions, you can plan which ones you want to go to once they reopen!

Bars: Dead Poets and Punk Brew

If you’re looking for a nice bar to relax in with friends in the evening, ‘Dead Poets’ is a good place to head. It is a minute away from Liden & Denz school, and the ambience is very pleasant for enjoying a few drinks. A slightly livelier bar is one called ‘Punk Brew’, on Rubinsteina street. This is a cross between a club and a bar, with lots of music, but tables to sit down at and order drinks, or even food.

Dvor Kulturi

One of the most popular clubs in Saint Petersburg is ‘Dvor Kulturi’ (двор культуры), located on Kazanskaya Street. This club is only open on the Fridays and Saturdays, from 6pm-6am. Entrance is usually 500 rubles, but may vary, as the club often has special events, with guest DJs, and these sometimes cost more (up to 1000 rubles). However, this cost includes a free drink upon entry. In general, a mixture of Russian and English music is played here, and there are several rooms, including a private area upstairs. You can also always find lots of people in the smoking area, taking a break from the music, and sometimes even playing table football.

St Petersburg nights out

Dvor Kulturi decor

Конюшенная площадь – History and Seven Sins

Another popular area amongst young people is конюшенная площадь, where a cluster of fun clubs can be found, such as ‘History’ and ‘Seven Sins’. There is a variety of places here, with some busy, noisy clubs, and other more relaxed bar-style establishments. Across the square, you will usually find people milling about on weekend evenings, as they decide which place they want to go to.


A slightly more intense, but very renowned option, is Dumskaya street (Думская улица). This is the oldest bar street in Saint Petersburg, having been around for over a decade. The street only livens up after midnight, but after that lots of clubs and youth parties can be found until the morning. It is particularly renowned for the cheap drinks, and entrance to most clubs tends to be free. Many claim that the area is reminiscent of party resorts in places such as Aiya Napa. Indeed, the street is always pretty trashed, and the clubs themselves tend to be slightly dirty and sticky – this option is for the braver clubbers. The most popular clubs on Dumskaya include ‘Soul Kitchen club’ and ‘Cube bar’.


Also on Dumskaya, is the bar ‘Poison’, one of 3 chain bars in Saint Petersburg. The other two can be found on Ligovsky and Rubinsteina street. These are karaoke bars where you can sing both English or Russian songs, typically of rock genre. These bars are packed throughout the week, and offer cheap drinks (like all Dumskaya bars).

So, next time you want a drink or a dance, why not check out one of these places, where you’ll find plenty of other young people enjoying their evening. 

By Alice, currently studying at Liden & Denz in St. Petersburg 

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