The 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty

14 August 2013

After the mixed up Times of Troubles following the death of Ivan IV, a spark of hope came from the ascension to the Russian throne of Mikhail Romanov (Михаил Романов) in 1613. This event marked the beginning of the Romanov reign. The Romanovs ruled Russia until 1917, and 2013 marks the 400th anniversary of their ascension to the throne.

Many events have been held in Russia and the rest of Europe, where survivors of the royal dynasty are currently living. A “Fund of the Russian Imperial House” (Фонд Российского Императорского Дома) has been created in order to revive the tradition of philanthropy of the Romanov family. This fund has the aim to raise money by organizing events commemorating the anniversary.

Other than philanthropy, a lot of important cultural programs and organizations have been created in order to reignite the interest in the dynasty and in Russia as well. For instance, the “400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty” (400-летие Дома Романовых) foundation aims to inform abroad compatriots about modern life in Russia. The organization promotes cultural activities, concerts and publications regarding the royal dynasty, and it is also interested in the restoration of historical monuments concerning the Romanovs.

The best way to know the Romanov dynasty here in St. Petersburg is to visit their many houses and historical monuments. In order to get more information about the Tsars, we really suggest that you go to Liden & Denz excursion on St. Petersburg and the Romanov.

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