Tims Mints

Tims Mints
08 December 2016

Who did not once in his life think about opening a Bar together with some friends? Well, here is an example of some people who actually successfully realized this dream.

Tims Mint is a café and bar, which is located in the Old Town of Riga. The place is managed by three Siblings. They worked in the town and one day decided to open up their own business. The result is a great café, which has very good ratings on Facebook and Google and is equally loved by locals and tourists. Their concept is quite unique. The siblings created a pre-party café with a very cosy interior. During the day they serve homemade meals which are made from their own family recipe and even host amazing parties. The place has a laid back atmosphere and the service is very friendly.

On the weekend they often host live jam events and acoustic concerts. The costumers are mostly young local people. Tims Mints is a great place to hang out with friends. You can enjoy the delicious drinks and have loads of fun by playing one of the board games or table football. A special tip are the drinks. They serve some special drinks in jars to affordable prices. The most popular among them is the “Surprise me”.

All the partys, concerts and other events you can find on their Facebook page (link at the end of the article). That is where they keep their costumers up to date. Unfortunately, it’s just in Latvian but you get a quite good impression about the place by checking out the videos and party pictures. The action is hot and the drinks are cold! One reviewer wrote about the place: “It feels like they actually just invited you in their own living room for a meal or a party, or both.” So make sure to stop by at Tims Mints!


Opening hours

Mo: 14:00-23:00, Tu-We: 14:00-02:00, Th-Fr: 14:00-04:00, Sa: 14:00-04:00, Su: 14:00-22:00


Matthias Thoeny, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz in Riga

Posted by Matthias Thoeny

My name is Matthias Thoeny and I am from Switzerland. I am studying Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen. My mother tongue is German. I started learning Russian three years ago at university and continued self-studying. Last summer I already spent 7 weeks at Liden & Denz in St. Petersburg and I really enjoyed my stay in this beautiful environment. I started my Internship at Liden & Denz in Moscow in September and now I am working in St. Petersburg. I hope you enjoy reading my blog articles.

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