Moscow Top 10

21 August 2013

Thinking of taking a trip to the capital for the weekend? Or perhaps you already study at the Liden & Denz language centre there but just don’t know where to start when it comes to sightseeing. Here is a list of essential things to see and do in Moscow.

1)      Red Square (Красная Площадь) is the epicentre of Moscow and home to St. Basil’s Cathedral (Собор Василия Блаженного), perhaps the most famous and extravagant in all of Russia, with its colourful domes and mosaic design. If you are feeling brave you can also visit Lenin’s mausoleum!

2)      The Kremlin (Кремль) finds itself on the very first foundations of the city. A standard ticket allows you to visit the armoury, several ancient churches and artefacts inside the domineering red brick walls of Russia’s famous political headquarters.

3)      GUM Department Store (Государственный универсальный магазин) is the former state run store. But it has had a makeover since Soviet times and now offers a luxurious shopping experience in a beautiful building on the side of Red Square.

4)      Gorky Park (Парк Горкого) is a spacious relaxation park that stretches along the Moskva river. In the summer there are open air concerts and cultural events, in the winter the ponds are perfect for iceskating.

5)      Tretyakov State Gallery (государственная третьяковская галерея) is a world famous art collection left to the Russian people by the collector after his death. The work on display ranges from ancient icons to modern design.

6)      Park Pobedy (Парк Победы) is the commemorative park constructed in honour of those who died during the Great Patriotic War. There is also a highly informative museum and tank collection for any Russian history fans.

7)      Alexander Gardens (Александровский сад) is where the eternal flame, in memory of the lost victims of WWII, still burns. You will be able to spot the change of the guards who protect it 24/7. This is a nice place to relax in the centre after strolling around the sights nearby.

8)      Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Храм Христа Спасителя) with its breathtaking gold domes, contrasting against the white structure, is one of the most significant churches in Russia. Approach it from the bridge crossing over the Moskva river to get the most spectacular views.

9)      Izmailovo Market (Измайловский Рынок) in the north of the city is a huge outdoor market selling various souvenirs and Soviet memorabilia. There are plenty of bargains to be had if you know how to haggle!

10)   New and Old Arbat streets (Новый и Старый Арбат) may be parallel but are quite different. The new one is filled with tower-blocks, bars and shops, whereas the older one is a quieter pedestrian zone lined with streetlamps.


Where to stay: Godzillas hostel (Годзиллас) offers clean and cheap accommodation only a ten minute metro ride away from the city centre.

Bolshoi Karetny Pereulok, 6 (Большой Каретный пер., д. 6)

Where to eat: So not traditionally Russian at all but we loved our Mexican dinner at Pancho Villa  (Панчо Вилья) , where prices aren’t bad for one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Ulitsa Bolshaya Yakimanka, 52 (ул. Большая Якиманка, 52)

Where to drink: Most clubs in Moscow are known for their ‘face-control’ and steep prices but the relaxed Propaganda (Пропаганда) bar is a great place to enjoy a drink and a dance.

Bolshoi Zlatoustinsky Pereulok, 7 (Большой Златоустинский перк, 7)


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