Reasons to convince you to Travel to Latvia

Reasons to convince you to Travel to Latvia
29 December 2015

Travel to Latvia to see how it broke out from communist shadows.

According with the popular and famous traveler’s guide “Lonely Planet”, they designated Latvia as one of the best places to travel in 2016. After 25 years of freedom from the Soviet regime, finally forms part of the European Union. Latvia deserves to be seen as one the country that has had more progress in comparison to others; in other words, it was able to leave the darkness of communist shadows and restore its own traditions built centuries ago, until it could shine on its own.

Castles in Latvia

In Latvia, you can find very old castles and farmsteads from the 16th century until the 18th century with baroque style hidden in the dense Latvian forests, even these days some of those buildings have become in luxury hotels or museums. As a matter fact, this tourist guide strongly recommends to spend time in rural places for a week, because there are more chances for you to get a better view from the stars.


As per the Latvian cuisine, we can say it also accomplished a large trip, and so far has the same quality level that the Scandinavian countries, just that not too many tourists pay attention to it, is not only pork meat with potatoes.


About its architecture, almost all the buildings in the capital Riga have been renovated with the European Union’s financial help, even the KGB’s building became an amazing and stunning museum, and other buildings in the downtown area were rebuilt with a new façade.


Some interesting facts about the country include a legend about the oldest Christmas tree in Latvia, which appeared in the year 1510; the tale says that a group of young people from a village decorated a pine tree with flowers and after, they put fire on it, which is quite reasonable because they didn’t have the white lights that we use nowadays in our Christmas tree; in case of Russia, the new year’s tree (ёлка).

I have published other articles about Latvia and Riga, check them out below is the link, and you will find a reason to travel to Latvia – for a weekend trip at least.

This blog was brought to you by Eliant, currently studying Russian at Liden and Denz

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