Vakhtanov Doll Gallery (Кукольная галерея Вахтановъ)

Vakhtanov Doll Gallery (Кукольная галерея Вахтановъ)
29 December 2015

The Vakhtanov Doll Gallery, in its twenty years of existence, has gathered a collection of three hundred items. When it was created it only had twenty and now has more than 300 samples from Russians and foreigner artists. The exhibited dolls come from several different countries and completely artistic universes. The collections are renewed all the time.

The gallery was opened in 1997 by the doll designer Irina Myzina (Ирина Мызина), who thought about her profession more than anything and she decided to start an educational center to develop the dolls national art in Russia. She spent a lot of time developing this center, and years after she was honored with the Pushkin Gold Medal in the nomination Education and Philanthropy.

From the first day, she started to identify masters of puppets who could help her to improve and develop her skills and take her name to the very top in the art world. For many Russian artists, this doll gallery was the first place where they had the possibility to expose their art work; but on the other hand, many of them studied there, they started from the beginning and became successful artists.

The most important principle in the doll gallery is to expose somebody’s work with disclosure and accessibility from somebody who whishes demonstrate their art work. This is a unique place where you could see different styles creations, from traditional works to vanguards.

Some of the Russian artists, whose work has won often several contests and also collector’s favorite pieces are, Olga Andrianova, Marina Guseva and Elena Kunina (Олга Андрианова, Марина Гусева и Елена Кунина).

You can find expositions everyday from 11 am to 8 pm, the closest tube station is Park Kultury (Парк культуры) and cross the bridge Krymskii (Крымский мост), where you can enjoy from a really nice view. The building is located in Krymskii Val dom. 10-14 Tsentralnyi dom hudozhnika (Центральный дом художника, Крымский Вал).

I’ll leave the website so you can check it before going,

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