Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out
03 September 2016

If you love fashion and, like me, live in sweet denial of the dire state of your bank account- I mean, broke IS the new Birkin- then Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is the place to be. Probably the biggest fashion event in the capital, Fashion Night Out will be taking place on the 6th September in three venues: TsUM «ЦУМ», Tsvetnoi «Цветной» and shopping centre Modnyi Sezon «Модный Сезон». Tuesday will mark the seventh annual celebration of an event that only seems to get bigger each year; however the fundamental principles remains the same- shopping, freebies, presentations, concert and lots of free champagne. Also this year, Irina Shayk will be there. So, no big deal.


Tsum will play host to the Moscow debuts of several collection from various fashion houses. Guerlain will be presenting their Colour Collection Flacon Quadrilobé fragrance line in the exclusive crystal bottles created by Baccarat in 1908, now only used for private collections. Tom Ford will be holding a presale from the unisex collection Private Blends Les Extraits Verts, and the limited edition collection from the Sonia Rykiel x Lancome will be on sale. For the rest of us who haven’t recently won the lottery or struck oil, make-up artists will be offering free tutorials, famed perfumer Roja Dove will be hosting a public talk, and other designers will be mingling with the public. As a given at any fancy event- keep your eyes peeled for freebies.

Tsvetnoi «Цветной»

At Tsvetnoi, things are no less exciting. The Food-Market will be giving a 50% discount on organic food from Green Box, and there will also be special offers on at the restaurant Tapa & Pintxos as well as hummus bar. So if you find yourself exhausted from shopping or, more likely, from the testing the limits of self-control- they’ve got you covered. Additionally, there will be a host of DJs playing and American rapper Kid Ink will be performing a full concert. Plus as I may have mentioned before Irina Shayk will be making an appearance. Again, no big deal.

Modnyi Sezon «Модный Сезон»

If you’re into reworked fashion, head down to Modnyi Sezon- you can decorate your new Levi’s for free and when you buy a pair of Converse trainers you can get them custom painted by a graffiti artist. Moreover, keeping with the theme of embellishment, Sasha Unisex Tattoo and Miami Tattoos will be handing out temporary tattoos. And, if you’re trying to go full hipster, the guys at Chop-Chop will be offering free hair styling.

Fashion’s Night Out is set to be an amazing event with so much going on in each location- see you among the clothes racks!


For the full schedule of events visit the Vogue website: http://www.vogue.ru/



This post was brought to you by Lola, currently studying at Liden & Denz Moscow

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