Walking tour around Moscow

Walking tour around Moscow
01 July 2016

On Monday afternoons after morning classes, Liden & Denz usually organize a walking tour around Moscow. Although Moscow is far too big with far too much to see to cover it all in just a two hour walk, this is a great opportunity for newcomers (like me) to get a feel for the city. It also provides a brief look at some of the must see attractions, while also pointing out other, less well known places too.  Although it was just a walk around, it was good to know where certain places were located in relation to one another. Now it isn’t quite as daunting having to plan a trip.

We set off with our guide on a very hot Moscow summer’s day. I strongly advise to bring a bottle of water along. It was dearly missed! Although if you forget there are plenty of places to stop for a quick refreshment. We also passed the Moscow ice cream festival which is taking place here until July 10th. So if you are in need of something both sweet and refreshing, there are many options.

The tour was conducted in Russian, so it proved to also be a great opportunity to get straight into practicing Russian outside the classroom. We passed through patriarch’s pond, a relaxing shaded area a short walk from the Liden & Denz offices. The relaxed atmosphere and green space made a nice change from the usual “hustle and bustle” of a big city.  Soon after, we had a quick rest while the guide grabbed a shawarma, before heading off towards the Kremlin and Red Square. Lenin’s mausoleum was closed by the time we arrived, so I’ll have to add that to the long list of places to revisit.

The tour finished by the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which is next to Kropotkinskaya metro station, giving me my first chance to use the metro. I returned home very tired, but excited to revisit all the new places I had seen on the tour and really get to know Moscow.

Lawrence Toye, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz Moscow

Posted by Lawrence Toye

Привет Everyone! My name is Lawrence, I’m 21, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK, and I’m pleased to say I’m the new social media intern at Liden&Denz Moscow for the next 5 weeks. This is only my first day in Moscow, so I still have so much to see and take in! I love learning languages and spent last year living in the Middle East and studying Arabic. When I started studying at politics and economics at university last September, I couldn’t resist doing a language course alongside. Even though I could’ve probably picked an easier language, I felt Russian would be the most rewarding. I was right! Despite the frequently confusing grammar, in particular the cases, I thoroughly enjoyed it. As I’ve finished university for the summer, I decided to come here to to Liden&Denz to improve my Russian, and learn more about Russian culture. This is only my first full day in Russia, and I’m really excited to write about my thoughts, insights, and experiences of Moscow and learning Russian.

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