Would you like a St. Petersburg Breakfast?

Would you like a St. Petersburg Breakfast?
31 July 2015

There are many places to have St. Petersburg breakfast. We have created a selection of our favourite ones. Please enjoy your stay in the city.

Obed Buffet

A great place for a late breakfast, not so much a brunch, as they stop serving breakfast at noon. As you can already tell by the name of the restaurant, it’s buffet style and you pay by weight. The food is really good and not too expensive. You have fried eggs, bacon, pancakes, sirniki, salads, hot dishes, fresh juices, pizzas, and many more things. It gets a little crowded after 12h00 unfortunately, but it is well worth the trip there.

Address: Nevsky Prospect, 114-116, ТРК “Невский центр”, St Petersburg, 191025

website: http://retaildesignblog.net/2014/09/04/obed-bufet-fast-food-restaurant-by-g-sign-st-petersburg-russia/

 The Maze

This restaurant serves breakfast until 13h00 and they have quite a few things on the menu, and really good coffee. If you don’t want to order from the breakfast menu, you can order from the lunch menu. The service may be a little slow, but the food is really good. One good thing is that it is always quiet. And then you can go for a nice walk on Tavrichesky Garden.

Address: корп. 2, Paradnaya ul., 3, St Petersburg, 191014

 Café Du Nord

 This French confectionery and restaurant is located right in front of Moskovsky Vokzal, so it opens at 5.30am. I doubt you will be going there that soon, but they will serve breakfast until 13h00, not to worry. For RUB 390 you can get different kinds of breakfasts and unlimited coffee or tea refill. It’s a pretty great deal. There are different breakfasts available, and you can see them online:

Address: Ligovsky av. 41/83


This post was brought to you by Ana, currently studying Russian at Liden and Denz

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