До свидания, Riga!

До свидания, Riga!
11 December 2023

Now, I’ve never been one for goodbyes, so I’ll try to keep this one short!

It’s incredible just how quickly the last eight weeks have passed in Riga; it still feels as though I’ve just arrived in the city and there’s so much left to explore! As I head home to London with a suitcase stuffed with souvenirs and way too many clothes from Humana, I leave behind one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.

 I’m so grateful for the experience of both interning and studying with Liden and Denz. I’ve met some incredible people, especially some of the other students from UK universities, who I can’t wait to see again sometime in the future!

Researching for this blog has taken me to places in Riga that I would never have thought to visit. Traditional Russian Banyas, wholesome Christmas markets, questionable 90s-themed nightclubs and a secret Soviet Bunker have been amongst some of the best experiences I’ve had whilst living here in Riga! 

The language classes at Liden and Denz have been challenging, but have given me the opportunity to develop my grammar and vocabulary before heading into my final year of university. I was honestly surprised with just how much Russian was spoken throughout my stay and my advice to future students and interns is to engage with Latvian culture and history as much as possible; the history of this country deserves your attention. On this subject, the Corner House and Museum of Occupation are definitely well worth a visit!

What I’ve loved most about this experience is the independence and peace that I’ve found in daily life here in Riga. It’s the perfect place for students, with coffee shops on every corner and a second-hand shopping culture that certainly came back to bite me with extra baggage fees at the airport!

Thank you for everything!

До свидания!

Darcie Peters, student at Liden and Denz Riga. 

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