Autumn Festival of Lights Saint Petersburg 2016

Autumn Festival of Lights Saint Petersburg 2016
17 October 2016

The Autumn Festival of Lights 2016 is getting closer!

Saint Petersburg is not only a cultural city in the north of Russia with many beautiful sights, but also known for the countless great annual festivals that are organized there. One of the most beautiful is getting closer and closer. The Autumn Festival of Lights – An impressive multimedia performance will take a place in Saint Petersburg from 4th to 5th November 2016 and you should not miss this unique event.

The Autumn Festival of Lights will take place for two days. It will transform Saint Petersburg’s most famous and beautiful landmarks and historical monuments, such as Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Mariinsky Palace, Kazan Cathedral and other surrounding area through light projections and multimedia art. The festival will bring to life miraculous breathtaking art by newest 3D-mapping and audio-visual technologies.  Light show will present a unique performance with unusual modern works of art onto some of the most recognizable buildings in the world, leaving a lasting impression on the spectators.

Aside from the light projections the Autumn Festival of Lights will feature various ballet performances and music events. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to take a picture with fabulous view of a whole main square of Saint Petersburg.

How to get there?

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral: Get out at metro station “Gostiny Dvor” (green line) or “Nevsky Prospect” (blue line) and take the bus 5, 22 or 27.

Mariinsky Palace: The best would be if you get out at “Admiralteyskaya” (purple line) and walk about 10 minutes.

Kazan Cathedral: Get out at metro station “Gostiny Dvor” (green line) or “Nevsky Prospect” (blue line) and walk about 3 minutes along Nevsky Prospect.

The historical monuments will be illuminated during the two evenings from 4th to 5th November 2016. If you have not got any plans – Safe the date! Visitors can be curious, because it will be an incredible show.

The festival reminds a little bit on the “Traditional Autumn Festival of Fountains” with its light show that already took place in december. Check out the blog about it here to get an impression.

This blog was brought to you by Daniela Danzinger, intern and student at Liden & Denz.

Posted by Daniela Danzinger

Привет everyone. My name is Daniela, I’m 22 years old and I am from Vienna/Austria. I am currently working as "Social Media Content Assistant" at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg. In the course of my economic studies, we have the opportunity to do an internship abroad in the 5th semester and I’ve chosen Russia. I really enjoy the time here!

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