Farewell Krizia

Farewell Krizia
30 September 2017

Krizia studied and worked as an intern at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg for two months. Let’s find out more about her experience!

Tell us a little more about yourself!

My name is Krizia, I’m 26 years old, I come from Sicily but I’m currently living in Trieste, in the north of Italy. I graduated last year in Applied Interlinguistic Communication in French, Russian and Portuguese at the University of Trieste and I am currently attending a MA in Specialised Translation (French and Russian). I’ve been studying Russian for 4 years.

Why did you decide to study Russian?

I decided to study Russian because of Russian literature. I wanted to be able to read Russian masterpieces in their original language. Then, when I started learning Russian, I really fell in love with the language: it’s very logic and rich. And it’s difficult, of course, and this is the very reason I love it: learning Russian is challenging and I can’t live without challenges, they make me feel alive!

Do you think your Russian has improved in these two months?

Yes, definitely. This is not my first experience in Russia and when I arrived I already had a good level of Russian, but this experience gave me the opportunity to improve my Russian skills in a way that I couldn’t imagine. I feel much more self confident now, I can speak more fluently and I can understand everything (ok, let’s say 90%) when people talk to me. Classes at Liden & Denz are amazing, teachers are very professional and teach Russian with passion. I had the chance to improve my knowledge of Russian grammar and to learn so many words and expressions, since the topics changed every week. I’m really satisfied and proud of my improvements!

What did you like the most of your experience?

These two months in Saint Petersburg have been amazing. It’s hard to say what I liked the most… I enjoyed the city and I will miss Saint Petersburg. As I said, this was not my first time in Russia, yet something has been different, new. I think it’s because of the people I met: I’ve been lucky enough in my life to travel a lot but I’ve never studied or worked in such a pleasant environment. I had the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, I learnt from them, I knew more about their countries, I made friends! This is what I enjoyed the most…

If you had to describe your experience in Russia with one word, which one would you use?

I would say “inspiration”. Because I’ve been inspired by all the people I met here: inspired to become a better person, inspired to improve my language skills, to be more curious, more open-minded. I learnt so much, not merely from a language point of view, but especially as a human being. I’m leaving Russia with the heart full of memories and with a lot of projects and plans for the future!



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Hi! I'm Keshia, currently studying at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg. Follow me on my hunt for adventures, hidden gems and delicious veggie food around town!

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